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One Day Online Training on Digital Persuasion

Decoding the Science of Behaviour Change using Technology

19 Mar 2021


Contact Details

Neha Malhotra, Manager – Trainings
M: 8178340214 | E:


Persuasion is everywhere. Some digital companies are creating a web of persuasive technologies around us. Digital products are affecting our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Advances in neuroscience, psychology and digital technologies have made it possible for some companies to make their products not just persuasive but addictive. Equipped with the insights from long drawn researches, these companies are designing products and environments to persuade us in ways unknown to us and change our behaviours. Future belongs to companies who can understand and crack the code of behaviour change using digital technologies.


This programme will enable participants to explore how digital technologies can be designed to influence individuals’ attitudes or behaviors in a number of contexts (i.e., e-commerce, social marketing, education, health, etc.). Drawing from theories and research from multiple disciples including psychology, neuroscience, communication and human-computer interaction, this program will explain how persuasive experiences are designed and delivered through digital technologies. It will further ponder on intriguing questions like how behavior can be changed using digital persuasion? How companies like Facebook makes us buy more products? Can we create persuasive products and environments without spending billions?


The program will focus on foundational knowledge of the concepts, theories and principles of behaviour change and digital persuasion. Using relevant examples and cases it will discuss frameworks for designing persuasive products and environment. Some of the topics which will be covered during the programme will be;


The programme will be online and will use a mix of lectures, discussions, cases & quiz to fulfil its objectives.

Who should attend?

  • Executives with an interest in behaviour change using digital technologies;
  • Entrepreneurs; Start-up founders; Product Managers;
  • Academics with an interest in digital persuasion;
  • Anyone interested in designing persuasive products and environments.

By the end of the course the participants will be able to:

  • Explain how behavior can be changed using digital persuasion.
  • Identify the principles and theories of persuasion and human behavior that can be used to inform the design of persuasive technologies.
  • Explore the application of persuasive technologies in different contexts.
  • Discuss the ethical considerations in designing persuasive technologies.


Fees: INR 3000 + GST @ 18%

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