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AIMA Online Training On Balancing Priorties

How To Successfully Manage Tasks, Deadlines And Expectations?

10 Jun 2022


Contact Details

Neha Malhotra, Manager – Trainings
M: 8178340214 | E:


We face conflicting tasks, deadlines, and expectations, making it difficult to identify what’s most important. Often we end up spending most of our time on activities with least returns. Confusion on setting priorities has been in our minds right from our student days. Work pressure affects our office and home life adversely.

Training Objectives

This programme will work as a simple guideline for daily implementation and will enable participants to:

  • Identify and Discard time-wasters
  • Understand why you are stressed for priorities
  • Use time diligently to focus on priorities
  • Clear the confusion on daily priorities by being able to identify the top priorities
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness

Benefits of Attending

  • Set practical, meaningful goals
  • Focus on Important and not the Urgent
  • Learn what to delegate, when to delegate and whom to delegate
  • Use some useful technology tools to get organized
  • Reduce their stress caused by confusion in prioritizing tasks

Program Content

  • Overview and Introduction
  • What's Important-Pareto Principle
  • Organize and Schedule
  • Make the Best Use of Your Time
  • Use Technology to Stay on Track
  • Case Studies of High Achievers


INR 3500 + GST @ 18%

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