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Professional Diploma in Management

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The Professional Diplomas are targeted at working people who want to enhance their knowledge base.

About the Programme

The recent growth in the Indian economy has triggered an increased demand for skilled and trained human resource in the industry. The Conventional System of Higher Technical Education so far, has been unable to cope with this situation and it is highly likely that this gap between demand and supply may retard the growth of Indian Economy in the coming years .The industry is now looking at the pool of diploma holders or vocational degree holder to be groomed and honed with professional management skills to take higher responsibilities in organizations and take decision making roles .This move can also help in integrating the massive pool of technical diploma holder in Management field.

This program allows students who have passed the 10th Standard Examinations and who already hold 3 year ITI certificates / Diplomas / vocational degrees, to pursue a higher qualification and earn Professional Diploma in 7 functional areas of management mainly in Human Resource Development, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Retail Management and Operation Systems.

Programme Objective

  • Continued Learning as learning is an ongoing process, new knowledge are required since working environment is dynamic.
  • To provide the working professionals with a dual opportunity of enhancing their managerial skills through
  •  Learn while you Earn concept.
  • Quickly enhance knowledge in specific area of management without the burden to study General Management concepts.
  • Provide the opportunity to general Post graduate students to shift to professional courses through lateral entry schemes.

Diplomas Offered

Professional Diploma in Management (Operations System)
Professional Diploma in Management (Human Resource Development)
Professional Diploma in Management (International Business)
Professional Diploma in Management (Marketing Management)
Professional Diploma in Management (Finance)
Professional Diploma in Management (Retail Management)
Professional Diploma in Management (Pharmaceutical Marketing)