Now MAT Score/Result of last 5 administrations are available online. B-schools/Universities who are accepting MAT scores for facilitating the admission to their MBA/Allied programmes are advised to verify the MAT score submitted by the candidates from 1. AIMA Website 2. AIMA office through e-mail 3. MAT Score can be checked/verified by candidate name on the link -


Centre For Management Education

Pre-Admission Queries

Q. What is the objective of programmes offered?
A. The programmes offered help aspiring managers to become effective decision makers in their fields through up gradation of knowledge and managerial skills. The programme broadens the overall perspective of the managers so that they can become catalysts for change. It develops conceptual, interpersonal and management awareness for implementation of new structures and strategies. Improves managerial effectiveness and prepares managers for more senior positions.

Q. Does AIMA-CME offer any full time course or all the courses are offered through distance learning?
A. AIMA-CME does not offer any full time programme. We offer all programmes through distance learning mode only. Distance learning mode differs from correspondence in the sense that students are required to attend contact programmes. This activity is supplemented by comprehensive set of assignments and practical sessions as well.

Q. What are the advantages of joining AIMA-CME programme?

A. The following are the advantages of joining AIMA-CME programmes

  • CME has more than 40 years of experience in management education; it was set up in 1976.
  • Our Programmes are internationally accepted.
  • Strong curriculum: Most industry interfaced because of AIMA's links with business and industry.
  • All India reputation: AIMA is apex body of Management profession with 3000 companies as its members and 30,000 professional individual members.
  • E-Learning supplement: on-line discussion forum etc.
  • Modular Structure: Certificates awarded after completion of each Module.
  • Flexible teaching mode.
  • Modern well equipped library with online facilities available.

Q. How can I take admission to the various courses conducted by AIMA?
A. For admission to PGDM and PGDITM conducted by AIMA through distance learning mode, the candidate should have scored 50% in Graduation(10+2+3) or student has to appear in the MAT examination, which is held four times in a year (generally, first Sunday of February, May, September and December. Dates are advertised in the newspapers) followed by a Personal Interview round with AIMA-Panel members (Delhi/NCR) & telephonic interview for out stationed candidates. Candidate should also have completed graduation (10+2+3) from a recognized university.
For other certificate programmes the candidate must be a graduate. These certificate programmes are available in number of Management aeas. (See the list of programmes and eligibility from

Q. When is the interview for admission held?
A. The admission interviews are generally begun from the month of April for July session. For the Jan session, this process starts from September-October. For interview details/confirmation you may contact Ms. Geetika Gumber / Prabhjeet Kaur- Program Manager on 011-2464 5100/ 4312 8100 Ext No. 743/729 or Mobile number 9654601397 / 8376065038 or you can write to them on

Q. What is the duration, fee & admission criterion for PG Diplomas offered by AIMA-CME?
A. Duration: Four modules of six months each followed by comprehensive project work. Total duration of PGDM / PGDITM is two years course work + project.

Fee: Course fee of PGDM is Rs. 26,000 only per module.
Course fee for PGDITM is Rs.25,500 only per module

Admission Criteria: Graduation (10+2+3) with 50% from a recognized University OR MAT/CAT/XAT or any other state level entrance score card for candidates interested in admission in AIMA-PGDM / PGDITM followed by Personal interview with AIMA panel members at AIMA-Lodhi Road Centre.

Q. Is it compulsory for a candidate to qualify MAT for all courses offered by AIMA?
A. MAT qualification is only required for PGDM/ PGDITM. For admission into other programmes like One-year Post Graduate Certificate programmes, and Advanced Certificate Programmes, MAT is not required.

Q. Validity of MAT Score card?
A. MAT score card is valid for a period of 1 year since the date of issue of the score card/announcement of the MAT result, e.g. Sept'10 MAT score card will be valid till Sept'11.

Q. What specializations are being offered in the PGDM programme?
A. PGDM specializations include:

  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Human Resource
  • Information Systems
  • International Business

For more details log-on to

Q. Am I eligible to appear in the NET exam?
A. You need to check with the body conducting the NET examination in view of the fact that PGDM of AIMA is a Govt. approved PG Diploma and not an MBA.

Q. Am I eligible to apply for PhD. in Management in IITs?
A. You need to check with the concerned person/authority in IITs in view of the fact that it is a Govt. approved PG Diploma (offered under Distance Learning mode) and not an MBA.

Q. Am I eligible to apply for fellowship program in management in IIM's?
A. You need to check with the concerned person/authority in IIMs in view of the fact that it is a Govt. approved PG Diploma (offered under Distance Learning mode) and not an MBA.

Q. Am I eligible to apply for Assistant Professor in MBA Institutes as per AICTE norms?
A. You need to check with the concerned organization in view of the fact that it is a Govt. approved PG Diploma (offered under Distance Learning mode) and not an MBA.

Q. Is any certificate awarded at the end of each module?

The following Diplomas certificate is awarded in PGDM:

Certificate in Management

On completion of Module I

Advanced Certificate in Management

On completion of Module II

Professional Certificate in Management

On completion of Module III

Post Graduate Diploma in Management

On completion of Module IV + Project

The following certificates are awarded in PGDITM

Certificate in Information Systems

On completion of Module I

Advanced Certificate in Information Systems Management

On completion of Module II

Professional Certificate in IT Management

On completion of Module III

Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology & Management

On completion of Module IV + Project

For any kind of assistance you may please get in touch with undersigned:

Geetika Gumber / Prabhjeet Kaur
Program Manager-PGDM, PGDITM & ePGDM
Ext No. 743 / 729

Mobile: 9654601397 / 8375065038


Fee Refund On Admission Cancellation

Q. Is the fee refundable?

  • Full refund

    In case of withdrawal of programme by AIMA-CME or rejection of registration form (on account of non-fulfillment of eligibility criterion as per admission policy for the session) full fee will be refunded to the candidate at his/her mailing address within one month from the date of receipt of registration form (OMR Form) in AIMA-CME.
  • Partial refund

    If an application for cancellation of admission is received in AIMA-CME before the dispatch of study material from AIMA-CME, the form processing charges (Rs 500 only) will be deducted from the fee. Balance fee will be refunded to the candidate at his/her mailing address within one month from the date of receipt of his/her application in AIMA-CME.

    If an application for cancellation of admission is received in AIMA-CME after the dispatch of study material from AIMA-CME, the form processing charges and cost of study material (Rs 4000 only) will be deducted from the fee. Balance fee will be refunded to the candidate at his/her mailing address within one month from the date of receipt of his/her application.
  • No refund

    Applications for cancellation of admission / refund of fee will not be considered after the commencement of PCPs.

Short Duration Courses

Q. Are any short duration programmes being offered by AIMA?
A. Yes, AIMA offers 6 months Advanced Certificate in Management Programmes and 1 year Post Graduate Certificate in Management Programmes through distance learning mode.

Q. What are the different fields in which Advanced Certificate programmes are offered?
A. Advanced Certificate programmes are offered in the following fields:

  • Advanced Certificate in Marketing
  • Advanced Certificate In HR
  • Advanced Certificate In Finance
  • Advanced Certificate in Enterprise Management
  • Advanced Certificate in Research Methodology
  • Advanced Certificate in Operations

Q. What are the fields in which Post Graduate Certificate programmes are offered?
A. Post Graduate Certificate Programmes are offered in the following fields:

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management (Human Resource)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management (Marketing)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management (Finance)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management (Retail)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management (Pharmaceutical Marketing)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Management (International Business)

Post-Admission Queries

Q. After submission of my application when do I receive the confirmation of admission into the desired course?

A. Students will receive the acknowledgment of receipt of application form within 10 days of receipt of form at AIMA and confirmation of admission before the commencement of the PCPs, i.e., 16 Aug for July session and 15 Feb for January session.

Q. How can I get a fee payment receipt for reimbursement from my organization?

A. You have to send a request letter to Manager-Admission at AIMA-CME or send email to

Q. How do I get my ID card?

A. Every student enrolled in CME’s programmes can download there ID card from the student portal. In case of PGDM and PGDITM, ID-cards will be valid for 3 years and in case of one year Post Graduate Certificate Programmes it will be valid for 1 year and 6 months, for 6 months in case of Advanced Certificate programmes and for 3 year in case of PhD Foundation Programme. After expiry of validity, student can renew ID card by sending a request letter and the original ID card at AIMA-CME, New Delhi.

Q. From where will I get my I-Card?

A. Student can download there ID-Cards from there student portal account.

Q. Is it compulsory to attend the PCPs?

A. The purpose of PCPs is to provide an opportunity to discuss subject related problems and clarify the doubts related to assignments and examination with faculty and your colleagues for better understanding of the subject. Fifty-percent attendance in PCP’s, is desirable.

Students with attendance shortfall will be allowed to re-register in next session without any fee to make up the shortfall in the required PCPs (in their own centre) and appear in term end examination. For PGDITM Programme 8 PCPs per subject (16 hrs) per module is compulsory and 30hrs of practical training for two subjects per module at HCL training centre is also compulsory.

Q. Is it possible to do two specializations together in Module III of PGDM / Module IV of PGDITM?

A. Only one specialisation is to be opted at a time. However, students can apply for second/dual specialization immediately after completing the programme. A student has to take one extra module of specialization (IIIrd module in case of PGDM & IV module in case of PGDITM) and full Module fee will be applicable in such cases.

PhD In Business Administration

Q1. What is the structure of this programme?

A. The programme is divided in two phases – Foundation Phase and Research Phase. The Foundation Phase of the programme is conducted by AIMA and the Research Phase of the programme is conducted by AMU.

Foundation Phase

The foundation programme comprises of two modules of compulsory courses, four courses on general management, four courses in the area of specialization and two special courses. Module I & II comprise of first semester of the Foundation Phase and Module III & IV comprise the second semester of the Foundation Phase. On successful completion of the Foundation Phase the candidates will be awarded “Advanced Diploma in Management” by AIMA-CME.
The registration to foundation programme is valid for only three years from the time of admission after which one has to apply afresh to the programme. The minimum duration to complete the Foundation Programme is one year.

Research Phase

On successful completion of the Foundation Phase, the candidates are required to submit & present the research synopsis before the Research Committee at AMU. Candidates whose synopses are approved by Research Committee will be registered for Doctoral Research work Phase. Admission to the Doctoral Research Work Phase is highly competitive. Candidates are given a maximum of two chances to get their synopsis approved by the Research Committee.
The candidates are eligible to submit his/her thesis after a minimum period of two years from the date of registration in phase II of PhD (Business Administration) Programme. A maximum period of four years, from the date of registration, is allowed for submission of thesis for the award of PhD (Business Administration).

On successful presentation of the final thesis, the candidates are awarded the Doctorate Degree (PhD – Business Administration) by AMU.

Q2. What is the Duration of the Programme?

A. Phase – I i.e. the Foundation Phase of the programme could be completed in minimum one year and maximum three years.

Phase-II i.e. Research Phase of the programme could be completed in minimum two years and maximum four years.

Q3. When and how many times PhD Entrance Test (RMAT) is conducted?

A. The Entrance Test for PhD is conducted twice in a year: May and December followed by an interview for RMAT shortlisted candidates.

Q4. Is RMAT held all over the country/what about a person living abroad? Can he / she apply for it?

A. RMAT is conducted in all major cities in the country and for a person living abroad he / she has to come down to India only for entrance test, AIMA conducts telephonic Interview for overseas candidates.

Q5. Is it online test or offline test?

A. It is online test.

Q6. How can we register RMAT test?

A. There is an online registration for it.

Q7. Is it necessary to submit the RMAT Application form along with other documents?

A. Yes, as RMAT Application form is required beforehand for verification purposes.

Q8. Can we prefix Dr. with our name after completing PhD?

 A. Yes, one can append Dr. preceding your name after the award of the degree.

Q9. What is the fee of this programme?

A. The course fee is approximately Rs.2.60 lacs payable in 3 installments (Module-I & II, Module-III & IV in Foundation Phase and then in Research Work Phase). In case of Credit Transfer up to four subjects (in Module II & III), one can get exemption in some papers with commensurate exemption in fee.

Q10. Is regular visit to Aligarh required during this programme?

A. Foundation Phase of the programme is conducted by AIMA in which Personal Contact Programme (PCP) for fifteen days (12 days in Semester I & 3 days in Semester II) is organized at Delhi. Attendance in PCP is compulsory. In this phase, visit to Aligarh is not required. After completing this phase one has to visit Aligarh to defend the Research Proposal and then after completion of Research for defending the thesis and viva-voce. As students will have one guide [external] who shall be from AIMA and one guide [internal] who shall be from AMU, more visits to Aligarh would be required during the Research Phase.

Q11. How the guides are provided for Research Work?

A. The external and internal guides are provided by AIMA & AMU respectively.

Q12. Who awards the degree after doing PhD?

A. AIMA awards `Advanced Diploma in Management’ after successful completion of Foundation Programme.  Aligarh Muslim University awards `Doctor of Philosophy’ after successful completion of Research Phase of the Programme.

Examinations And Evaluation

Q. How many assignments have to be submitted?

A. There are two assignments for each subject of each programme. Students are required to attempt both the online assignments through their student portal. They are free to refer text books, study materials, journals, Internet and other sources for relevant information while doing the assignments. However students of ACM have to develop one case study as well for each subject.

Q. When are examinations conducted?

A. The Examination for each programme (except Advanced Certificate programmes) is conducted twice a year- June (20th - 30th) and December (20th - 31st). Examination is conducted at almost all the metro and other major cities throughout India and also at some selected overseas centres.

Q. Is it compulsory to do the Project Work?
A. Project work is an integral part of all the Post Graduate Diploma and Post Graduate Certificate programmes in Management. It is compulsory to do a live project towards completion of the programme.

Q. What are the evaluation criteria?

A. Evaluation criteria are Class Participation, performance in Assignments, Term End Examination and Project work.

Q. Can previous session assignments be used in current session?

A. Whenever assignments are to be attempted it must be of the current session to restrict the practice of copying of assignments and also to harmonize the evaluation process.

Q. Where does a student submit his/her assignments?

A. Student needs to submit the online assignments (Objective) through their student portal only.

Q. I am working on a project in my office; can I submit the same at AIMA?

A. Yes, any professional project taken by you can be used as the academic project as well provided it fulfills the requirement of the programme as detailed in the project guidelines. (GM 100)

Q. For my project, am I supposed to have a guide? Is it compulsory? If yes, what should be the background / qualification of my Project Guide?

A. It is compulsory to have a guide for your project work. A guide should have a minimum post-graduate qualification in the relevant area with a minimum of five years industry experience at an executive level, or should be Assistant Professor or above if working for an academic institution. The CV of guide should be attached with the synopsis.

Q. How are the Examination Centres chosen?

A. AIMA-CME updates the list of Examination Centres for every examination. The list of exam centres is updated in the portal only. A student has the choice to appear at any one Examination Centre.

Q. Can examination centre be changed after submission of examination application through student portal?

A.Yes, you may change your exam centre. You may contact the manager examination not later than 1st June / 1st December for the same on email -

Q. I wish to take my exams in another country, what is the procedure?

A. The process to take exam in another country is as follows:

  • Let the Manager-Examination of AIMA-CME know about the city and country where you would like to appear for the exam at least two months in advance.
  • Pay the additional exam fee @ 100 US $ (subject to change) per subject and send the details through email to Manager-Examination until your exam centre is confirmed on email -

Q. What are the MGPA and CGPA scores in the Grade Card? How are they calculated?

A. Modular grade point average (MGPA) is the average of points of each subject. Cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is the average of all modules.

Q. I have cleared all assignments and exams yet I am considered as CNM case. Kindly explain?

A. The minimum-qualifying grade for an individual subject is C-, and additionally to qualify the Module the minimum average of all subjects (including project work if any) of the module must be B-. If a student does not meet the required grade point but clear all papers in that particular module, he / she will be considered as a CNM case.

Q. I need a provisional certificate of my course that I have completed. Who do I contact and how much do I pay? Can I get these certificates for each module?

A. You will get the provisional certificate for PGDM/ PGDITM, after successful completion of Programme. There is no payment for it.

Q. I did not get my original grade card. Till when can I get the duplicate? Whom should I contact?

A. If you don’t receive your grade card within one month of declaration of result then you should contact Manager-Examination at AIMA-CME on email at

Q. I gave my Project on time and yet the grades are not incorporated in the grade sheet, why?

A. If you have submitted your project work 45 days prior to the declaration of the result then the project grade is reflected in the grade card. In case it is not, contact the Manager-Evaluation at AIMA-CME on email

Q. Where is AIMA-CME diplomas formally awarded?

A. At Annual Convocation of AIMA-CME in the first week of August every year

Placement Related Queries

Q. How the placement activities are conducted in AIMA?

A. AIMA is blessed with a strong industry network (3000 corporate members and 30000 professionals as individuals members). With such industry support and a strong alumni network of more than 1500 students, AIMA students are very well accepted in the corporate world.

Q. Does AIMA provide placement assistance to all its students?

A. Students in Delhi & NCR centres are directly attached with AIMA-CME for their placement assistance. Outside Delhi candidates needs to contact their respective centres for placement support.

Q. What is the process to enroll for placement activities with AIMA?

A. Interested students just need to send their CVs as a word attachment to to register for placement activities with AIMA-CME. Hard copies are not entertained now.

Q. What kind of job openings one can expect for fresher?

A. As a fresher in the first 2 modules one can expect on the job trainings (with or without stipend), or short duration jobs in their area of interest. It is after the specialization module normally that one can get a full-time job in his / her functional area. For the complete detail, please feel free to contact the placement cell at