Now MAT Score/Result of last 5 administrations are available online. B-schools/Universities who are accepting MAT scores for facilitating the admission to their MBA/Allied programmes are advised to verify the MAT score submitted by the candidates from 1. AIMA Website 2. AIMA office through e-mail 3. MAT Score can be checked/verified by candidate name on the link -


Examination Fee

Examination Fee with effect from June 2010 Term End Examinations

Compulsory Examination Fee (Applicable to all students for availing first/second chance to write the examination) Rs 500/- per paper
Examination Fee for availing the Third Chance to write the examination Rs. 500/- per paper
Re-registration fee and Examination Fee for the students to avail fourth/fifth chance to write the examination Rs 2,500/- per paper (Rs.2,000/-towards Re-registration Fee + Rs.500/-towards compulsory examination fee)


IMP NOTE : Please note that students will be allowed to appear for four consecutive Modules : (Mod I , Mod II, Mod III and Mod IV) together.  However, in case any clash of subjects is there in examination, student himself has to choose either of the subject to appear in an examination.

Fees payable for other requirements (Subject to Change)

Re-evaluation fee of Answer Scripts Rs. 500/- per paper
Project Fee (Re-evaluation/ Re-submission) Rs. 1000/-
Synopsis (Resubmission after incorporating faculty feedback/ new topic) Rs. 500/-
Change of examination centre Rs. 500/-
Duplicate grade card Rs. 500/-
Duplicate certificate Rs. 1000/-
Certificate and Grade card Attestation / Transcript Fee Rs. 2000/-
Student qualification verification fee Rs. 2000/-
Bonafide Certificate fee Rs. 500/-


Maximum time to complete a Programme and re-Registration for Courses
Registration to a course (Subject/Paper) is valid for a period of one and a half year from the date of registration to the Module of which the course is a part. If a student wants to appear in the examination or submit / the project work for the incomplete course/s after one and half year of registration to the course then he/she may do so by getting re-registered to the course/s.

Re-registration is valid for a period of one and half year. Re-registration is subject to the fulfillment of the condition that a Post Graduate Programme must be completed within 6 years from the date of registration to the programme and Professional Diploma / Post Graduate Certificate programme must be completed within 3 years of registration to the programme.

The Foundation programme of PhD must be completed within 3 years of registration. Failure to meet the maximum time limit to complete the programme would lead to cancellation of registration to the programme