Now MAT Score/Result of last 5 administrations are available online. B-schools/Universities who are accepting MAT scores for facilitating the admission to their MBA/Allied programmes are advised to verify the MAT score submitted by the candidates from 1. AIMA Website 2. AIMA office through e-mail 3. MAT Score can be checked/verified by candidate name on the link -


Criteria not Met (CNM)

For Ph.D students minimum MGPA is B i.e., 3.00 to pass in each module and for individual subjects, the minimum passing grade would be C, i.e., 2.00.

In case a student has obtained the minimum passing grade in all papers of a module but MGPA is less than 3.00 then the student has a CNM (Criteria Not Met) in that Module.

How to meet the Criteria/ to improve on grades and get the required MGPA :

Students are advised to appear in June/December examination with proper preparation so as to get a minimum MGPA of 3.00. No re-registration fee will be applicable for students having CNM in a particular module. This special provision is made available to the students with CNM. Students may utilize this option after due consideration in order to clear the CNM. The Examination form should be submitted as per last dates and applicable fee. Ideally a student with CNM in any Module should repeat exam of subjects with low grades.
”Students must note that on appearing in a paper to clear CNM, the best of the two grades will be considered”