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Career Opportunities In Digital Marketing

From barely 1 percent in 1995, nearly 43 percent of the world’s population uses the Internet today. Customers today increasingly make purchase decisions and transactions online. With Internet users crossing 300 million and growing steadily, businesses around the world are taking serious note of the same. Several companies are using digital media to harness and manage their brands, expand their customer base and engage their clientele. This in turn has put forth a new demand for professionals with knowledge and experience in the digital marketing field. So, if you would like to engage with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn as a part of your job, digital marketing could be your career choice.
Interestingly, the digital marketers suggest that since the second half of 2006 there has been a significant increase in the search interest in digital or Digital Marketing Certification Programme across most parts of the world. However, this fast paced steady trend initiated in India in 2011, all thanks to the increasing penetration of Internet and social media popularity that is foreseen to ever grow. The wave associated with digital marketing industry is so strong that it is undoubtedly the best time to be part of this fast growing industry.
Enlisted below are the top reasons to build a rewarding career in digital marketing industry, highlighting the lucrative and exciting career opportunities in the digital marketing sphere:


  • According to a recent study by the experts, it has come across that digital marketing will generate 1.5 lakh jobs in the year 2016. The HR experts have analysed that digital marketing space is likely to generate this huge number of jobs within a couple of years and give a boost to this fast growing industry. While this number would include various kinds of digital marketing job profiles including technical & analytics, the demand for skilled professionals in digital marketing is always going to exceed the available talent pool.  
  • While a large number of brands and agencies do not advertise for jobs related to Digital Marketing, there are over 12,000 jobs related digital marketing on Interestingly, ‘Social Media’ alone has over 7000 jobs associated with it. On comparison with other popular industries, it came across that there are 3000 jobs for ‘Big Data’.
  • A digital marketing professional earns between Rs. 15,000 and Rs. 2,50,000. Given the increasing gap between demand and supply of digital marketing professionals, a digital marketer commands a much higher average salary compared to other industries. A graduate with no work experience can expect a monthly salary of Rs 15,000 and a Head of Digital Marketing in a large brand or agency can earn Rs 2.5 Lacs per month. Here’s a rough range of salary associated with titles earned by Digital Marketing professionals based on their education qualification and professional background. This doesn’t take into consideration exceptional educational background (e.g. IIT/IIM) or professional experience. Professionals working in high growth startups or digital marketing platform companies (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google) earn over Rs. 1 crore annual salary as well.
  • India has crossed the mark of 300 M Internet users in December 2014. With over 3 billion Internet users, around 43% of world’s population is online. India took over 10 years to move from 10M to 100M Internet users. It took 3 years to grow from 100M to 200M and just 1 year to grow from 200M to 300M. Facebook alone has over 120 Million users in India. If this growth is maintained, India will cross 500M users by 2016. At 302 Million users, India will cross US to become 2nd largest country after China in terms of number of Internet users.

    Mobile is expected to further fuel this growth in coming years. A report by GlobalWebIndex in Jan’15 stated that more than 80% of adult Internet users own a Smartphone, suggesting that 2015 will be the year when the number of Smartphone owners will surpass the desktop/laptop users. 
  • Online Ad Spend is likely to cross Rs. 3,500 crore by FY 2015. According to a recent report, the value of Online Advertising market in India is expected to increase to Rs. 3,575 crore by Mar 2015 from Rs. 2,750 crore an year earlier; around 30% YoY growth. Advertising Market in India.png

  • Indian E-commerce Industry will cross $15B mark in 2015. According to a recent report by Motilal Oswal Securities, Indian E-commerce Industry is currently at $11B and is expected to growth to $15B next year. Interestingly, Online Travel currently constitutes over 70% of the market but e-tailing is expected to drive the future growth.

While the above mentioned statistics and trends speak about the opportunities of building a rewarding career in digital marketing, what is more fascinating is the excitement related to job profiles in digital marketing. Here is the list of some of the popular career opportunities excluding technical roles available in the field of digital marketing:

  • Digital Marketing Executive: This is a starting role for beginners in Digital Marketing industry. In this role, responsibilities include content development, research, digital marketing campaigns execution, report creation. The other titles at this level include Social Media Executive, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Executive, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Executive, Email Marketing Executive.
  • Content Writer: Some organization have separate role for content writer, whose job is to develop effective content for various digital media channels such as Facebook, Blog, Website, Emailers.


  • Digital Marketing Manager: This is a mid-level profile for professionals with 3-7 years experience depending upon the size of the organization. At this position, key responsibilities include creating digital marketing strategy, managing and analyzing campaigns across various media. The other titles at this level include SEO Manager, SEM Manager, Social Media Manager, Community Manager, Email Marketing Manager.
  • Digital Media Planner & Buyer: The role of a digital media planner and buyer is to understand organizational marketing objectives and accordingly plan & buy media across various digital mediums such as Search, Display and Social Media.
  • Web Analytics Expert: As the title suggests, a Web Analytics Expert is responsible for defining key metrics, measuring and analyzing performance of various digital marketing campaigns. Ability to play with numbers and make decisions are the key attributes required to be successful in this role.
  • Head of Digital Marketing: This is the highest position in digital marketing industry and the person at this role is responsible for the overall performance of digital marketing. In a large organization, Digital Marketing Head reports to Marketing Head and works closely with other marketing departments.

Here is a cartoon that Pradeep Chopra, CEO, Digital Vidya created to capture the interest of individuals in the digital marketing domain:

About Pradeep Chopra
The author is an IIT Delhi graduate and a serial entrepreneur with over 15 years of Digital Marketing industry experience. He’s the CEO of Digital Vidya, Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training Company. He and his team share insights on digital marketing at