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AIMA Alumni Meet

Report on the 'Annual AIMA-ALUMNI Meet at 'The Crystals’, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

AIMA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION (AAA) solicited the presence of its alumnus, Module III, Module IV students and their families on the evening of 8th November 2008 at 7-00 p.m. at 'The Crystals, Pragati Maidan', New Delhi . The programme started at 8.00 p.m. with light musical programme and few games. It was followed with a welcome note by Prof DN Rao (Patron) and Prof Surendra Kumar (President). The new issue of AAA newsletter was released.

The evening ended with a sumptuous dinner.

The event was attended by 75 alumni and students.

Convocation 2008

The AAA solicited the presence of its alumni on the auspicious occasion of its 13th Convocation on 2nd August 2008 at India Habitat Centre, where the students were awarded their Post Graduate and Professional Diplomas. Prof. Surendra Kumar (President), Ms Sujita Khemka (Treasurer), Ms Nisha Ilyas, Mr Uttam Kumar and Ms Purnima Dhingra (Exec members) were present at the occasion. The alumni of previous batches also visited the Alumni counter at the venue, and several showed interest in the AAA membership. Gold medal to overall topper in PGDM and PGDITM, Ms Usha N was sponsored by AAA. Mementos, AAA Directories (CD) and AAA Newsletters were gifted to 200 students who completed their PGDM / PGDITM/ Professional Diplomas. Refreshment and high tea were offered to all attendees.

AAA Business Simulation Games

Report on the 'Annual AIMA-ALUMNI Meet at ' The Crystals, Pragati Maidan’
AIMA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION organized Business Simulation Games for its students from various study centers in Delhi at Andhra Association Building on 30th and 31st May 2008 . The same was conducted with the support of Games Dept of AIMA. Mr Vikas Gupta, Mr D Gupta and Mr Vijay gave full support in conducting the same. Participants were confronted with business issues. They were asked to take management decisions and see the business effect of such decisions, soon thereafter. Participants play to win, and in seeking to win, they imbibe new forms of competitive behavior that are ideal for today's highly chaotic business conditions. The winner was a team from study center 100 (AIMA study center): Mr Varun Anand, Ms Gargi Agarwal and Ms Archita Dutta were the winners. Prof D N Rao (Patron AAA & Director CME) graced the ocassion with his presence. Prof Amit Bhatnagar (faculty coordinator AAA), Prof Surendra Kumar (President AAA), Ms Namita Sood (Vice President AAA), Ms Rakhi Ruhal (Secretary AAA) and MS Nisha Ilyas (Executive Members) were also present.

AAA AGM 2008

Report on the ‘Annual General Meeting’ held on 29th March 2008
The 9th Annual General Meeting of AIMA Alumni Association was held on 29th March 2008 at AIMA. A significant number of members of AAA gathered once again on the occasion to review the activities and achievements of the past financial year. Prof Surendra Kumar-President,Ms Sujita Khemka-Treasurer, Ms Rakhi Ruhal-Secretary, Mr Saurabh Solanki -Joint Secretary, Ms Purnima Dhingra, Mr Uttam Kumar and Ms Nisha Ilyas –Executive Members. Auditors for the next financial year were also appointed. The AGM was graced with the presence of Director CME and Patron –AAA Prof DN Rao and Faculty Coordinator –AAA-Prof Amit Bhatnagar.

AGM was followed by a Hi Tea.