THE OFFICE OF AIMA CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT EDUCATION AT ANDHRA ASSOCIATION BUILDING, 24-25 INSTITUTIONAL AREA, LODHI ROAD, NEW DELHI HAS RELOCATED TO AIMA’S NEW PREMISES AT 15, LINK ROAD, LAJPAT NAGAR, PART-III, NEW DELHI W.E.F 6TH NOVEMBER 2017                   The office of AIMA Centre for Management Services at Management House, 14 Institutional Area, Lodi Road, New Delhi - 110003 has relocated to AIMA’s new premises at 15, Link Road, Lajpat Nagar, Part-III, New Delhi w.e.f. 13th November 2017

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The best defence

The cyber world never stands still. Emerging threats and new zero days makes it even more volatile and active. Adding to this volcano are over a million new IoT devices that are getting connected to the internet daily. Experts predict that as many as 25 to 50 billion IoT devices and sensors will be deployed by 2020, for an average of 4.3 internet-connected devices for every man, woman, and child on this planet. Adding more fire to this volcano, organisations have evolved from person-to-person transactions to a fully digital business model—the networks have evolved as well, become increasingly complex, and more difficult to defend.
To keep the volcano from erupting, organisations have purchased a host of different security products, often from different vendors, as part of their overall security infrastructure. What organisations are finding is that many of these products are duplicative, adding complexity without adding any security. Hackers are smart people and they know exactly what organisations are going through. There is only one way to get the better of them—be quicker and more knowledgeable.
To get ahead of cybercrime, we must share information. A collection of companies working together to collect and share intelligence will always provide better visibility of the threat landscape than one organisation on its own. Seeing new threats as soon as they emerge increases our ability to respond and protect valuable resources...... Page 23