B-schools/Universities who are accepting MAT scores for facilitating the admission to their MBA/Allied programmes are advised to verify the MAT score submitted by the candidates from 1. AIMA Website https://mat.aima.in/previous-results/ & https://mat.aima.in/may19/result_login 2. AIMA office through e-mail mat@aima.in


Examinations Details

Results of June 2019 Term-End exams have been declared and are accessible through the Students' Portal or through AIMA website at https://pgcourses.aima.in/examination.php

The last date to apply for re-evaluation is 5th September.

The question papers for the last exam (December 2018 term end Exam) are available on AIMA website on the examination page:https://pgcourses.aima.in/examination.php