Welcome to All the New Students of July 2017 batch!

As you orient yourself to the programme, it is important to note down the following important information and requirements of the programme during July-Dec 2017 session.

•  Study Material :

Study materials are dispatched by AIMA to your respective nodal centres/study centres. This would include One Self Instructional Material (SIM) for each of the subjects. Topics given under the “Content” in each SIM is the syllabus. Normally the content covered in the SIM is sufficient from the exam point of view. However, it is advisable to refer text books/e-text books/materials available on the relevant topics on internet, for better learning.

Also, to have the latest examples and update on industrial practices, it is a good to get into the habit of reading Business News Magazines, Journals, News papers. Also, watching TV Business News Channels like CNBC TV18, ET, Zee Business, Bloomberg TV etc. is advisable.

•  AIMA Student Identity Card :

Identity Cards have been online now. Students are advised to take the good color print of their AIMA student Identity Card and must get it laminated.

It is mandatory for students to carry I-Card while visiting AIMA office/Study Centre/ and in the examination hall.

•  Compulsory Attendance

PGDM and PGDITM students are provided minimum 22 Hrs per subject of Classroom Teaching. PGDITM students are also required to attend 15 Hrs/Module of Lab Classes at HCL Development Centres as per the agreement between AIMA and HCL. Students are required to attend minimum 50% of the classes for each subject to be eligible to write the term end exam. PGCM students are also provided with classes however, they are not necessarily required to fulfill the attendance criteria.

•  Class Participation Grade

PGDM and PGDITM students are graded on their actual class participation. Class participation is constructive involvement of students in class discussions and presentations. The weightage assigned to Class Participation is 10%.

•  Assignments

Each student has to submit the online objective type assignments. Last date to submit the first and second assignments are 15th Oct 2017 and 15th November, 2017 respectively. Remember that assignments are of 30% weightage.

•  Term End Examination

Each student of PGDM, PGDITM and PGCM are required to submit the exam fee by 15th October 2017 @ Rs 500/- per subject.

Each student has to apply for term-end examinations through student portal only.

Examinations are scheduled on dates from 20th Dec to 31st Dec 2017. You need to check your exact exam dates and timings on AIMA website by 10th Dec 2017.

Last but not the least, visit the AIMA website for more detailed information and updates of information on the above.

For any support or further information, you may write in to The Manager-Student Support at AIMA via e-mail at