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Computer Simulated Management Games : A Business Challenge

Management Games are simulations where participants are confronted with business issues. They are asked to take management decisions and see the business effect of such decisions, soon thereafter.

Participants play to win, and in seeking to win, they imbibe new forms of competitive behavior that are ideal for today's highly chaotic business conditions. The competition urges participants to learn willingly, and the in-built interactivity enhances the pace of learning.

The frustration and excitement of managing a company from top downwards ensures that the learning elements are retained with the participants longer.

Types Of Games

The Computer Simulated Management Games are available in two forms :

National Competition National Management Games (NMG)
Student Management Games (SMG)
Young Managers Simulation Championship (YMS)
In-house/onsite Training Corporate Management Games (CMG)
Management Institute Games (MIG)

What Is Business Simulation ?

Business simulation is a technique for developing, testing, and evaluating business strategies in a virtual environment before committing real money and effort in the marketplace. With the latest computer technology, state-of-the-art business simulations can manage hundreds of variables simultaneously and provide tremendous realism. AIMA creates business simulations using its unique and powerful software model, Chanakya®.

Why Business Simulation?

The Philosophy behind the management simulations is “learning by doing” i.e. if you want to learn dance or play an instrument, or fly an airplane, you must practice. Airline pilots practice on flight simulators likewise the business simulators assist the managers to hone up their skills for making smarter business decisions.

What Will Be The Learnings?

You will have a realistic and enjoyable learning experience, where you actually manage a muti-million company and benefit with :

  • Understanding the cross-functional relationships among various management functions.
  • Exposure of running a company in a simulated environment without causing damage to a live company.
  • Honing operative and strategic decision making skills under constraints of time, finances and information.
  • Understanding the financial implications of the decisions taken.
  • Helping in finding and employing the available information for the data analysis of their own and competitor's business.
  • Understanding the importance of team work under trying business situations and above all
  • Gets a synoptic view of a company's operations and experience the thrill of running a company in a competitive environment.