Now MAT Score/Result of last 5 administrations are available online. B-schools/Universities who are accepting MAT scores for facilitating the admission to their MBA/Allied programmes are advised to verify the MAT score submitted by the candidates from 1. AIMA Website & 2. AIMA office through e-mail 3. MAT Score can be checked/verified by candidate name on the link -


Eligibility Criteria For Fellow Membership Of AIMA

To become eligible, he/she must have the following qualifications:
1. Applicant should already be AIMA member or his/her organization should be a member for at least one year.
2. Person applying should currently be associated with an organization/company or association.
3. Minimum 15 years experience at senior level of management.
4. Management Professional or equivalent with illustrious management career and significant contribution towards AIMA and professional management movement to their credit through publications / research, faculty contribution, participation in AIMA activities etc. outside the sphere of employment.
5. Recommended / Nominated and seconded by at least two other fellow members / Committee Chairman / Council Members of AIMA familiar with the applicant.
6. Should be one of the following

  • Management Professional as President / Chairman / Director- Head of the Institutions / Chief Executive / Vice President / General Manager in Public / Private Sector Enterprises with turnover of Rs.1000 crores/ Senior Management of SME’s.
  • Senior Public Administrative Official not less than Joint Secretary in the Government of India or equivalent.
  • Defence Services official of the rank of Brigadier or equivalent and above.
  • Academician in Management or related areas of Professor Grade in recognized educational institutions of high standard.
  • Technical or Legal Professional / Chartered Accountant / Cost & Works Accountant / Company Secretary.

7. Fellowships also depend on Designation, Qualification, Organization Turnover, Contribution to Management Development and Special Observations.
8. AIMA Fellowship be limited preferably to three per year, but in any case maximum of five in a year.
9. Association & involvement with AIMA should be given more significance.

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